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There are many prebuild toolchains for Linux ARM development. You will need one of these to use the BuildRoot source tree.

ChrisWorley notes that the handhelds distro gave hime grief, but upgrading to the EmDebian versions worked fine. Here is the old pointer anyway.

ChrisRoss adds: I had nothing but grief with EmDebian on my debian/unstable system, the handhelds distro was the only one that seemed to work.

KenRestivo adds: The above information may be obsolete if you are using the latest buildroot. The latest uClibc did not compile using the 2.95.2 toolchains, and other programs like OpenSSL refused to compile using the above toolchains at all. And the RPM's for the emdebian tools would not work on my RedHat 7.2 system (rpm 4). So... The only toolchain I found to be reliable were Erik Mouw (of LART) 2.95.3 toolchain at: ftp://ftp.arm.linux.org.uk/pub/armlinux/toolchain One caveat there: you must explicitly install into /usr/local/arm/2.95.3. I got cute and tried to get the version number out of the way; much grief ensued. Follow the instructions pedantically and this chain will work beautifully.

FPascal adds: I have had success using the emdebian toolchain with RedHat 7.2 with the latest buildroot-tux. I installed the emdebian toolchain using rpm2cpio and then unpacking the cpio files myself. Also, I'm using the latest uClibc out of CVS (v0.9.9 from 02/09/2002), not the uClibc snapshot.

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